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Data analysis: why process historians and time-series are essential

Process historians have been used to monitor processes in the industrial sector for more than 20 years, and yet many companies Nukon talks to don’t have them. 

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6 questions you must ask before starting your operation’s digital transformation

Implementing new operational software or technology is a stressful, risk-filled undertaking for any business, but it is a necessary part of any digital transformation journey.

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Is it right for you?: The pros and cons of open source manufacturing software

Open source software is everywhere. Businesses today have access to thousands of open source software solutions - from enterprise resource planning, finance and accounting and customer relationship management, to e-commerce and communication systems.

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Think big, go small: What does micrologistics mean for the supply chain?

Micrologistics is a relatively new idea in supply chain circles. While it may conjure up images of miniscule people maneuvering their wee bags of produce to their tiny cottages, in practice the idea is actually much bigger.

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