Optimise plant performance using your own meaningful data.

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Solutions to increase visibility, reduce waste,

improve quality, and enhance efficiency and compliance.


A single source of truth

Hundreds of automated systems collecting your data? We can help you to retrieve and decipher it to support your decision-making

Whether you use new machinery and equipment, legacy systems, or a combination of both — Nukon can unlock a single source of truth for powerful insights to improve manufacturing efficiencies.

Looking to integrate new or existing systems, review your enterprise architecture or improve operational systems? We can help.


Data for all your factory needs

  • Production data:
    • Untap information on production orders, schedules, progress, cycle times, machine utilisation rates, and throughput.
  • Quality data:
    • Maintain better records on quality inspections, testing, compliance, defect rates, rework, and scrap rates.
  • Equipment data:
    • Identify faults and understand the condition, performance, and maintenance needs of equipment and machinery, such as vibration, temperature, and pressure readings.
  • Inventory data:
    • Gain greater insights into raw materials, work-in-progress, finished goods inventory levels, stock levels, lead times, and inventory turns.

  • Energy data:
    • See how your energy consumption, electricity, gas, and other energy sources are used in the manufacturing process, and optimise usage patterns.
  • Supply chain data:
    • Ensure suppliers, vendors, and logistics partners are delivering value by tracking delivery times, order quantities, and lead times.
  • Labour data:
    • Maximise human efficiency by analysing productivity and identifying areas of improvement to optimise labour costs and better support your manufacturing workforce. 
  • Safety data:
    • Invest in workplace safety using data to digitalise incident reports, near-misses, and safety audits for more effective decision-making.
  • Environmental data:
    • Learn more about your environmental impacts, such as emissions, waste generation, and resource consumption to deliver better ESG outcomes.


You can only improve what you can measure 

Data visibility is key to improving throughput, reducing downtime and waste, effectively measuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), maximising quality control, and more. 

Nukon enables you to see what's happening across your operation in real-time, enabling you to optimise machine, equipment, and human performance on the factory floor using high-quality data.

Manufacturing IT and MES benefits

  • A single source of truth — access real-time system and event data in one place.
  • Improved responsiveness — quickly detect abnormal operating conditions and reduce risk.
  • Increased monitoring and alerts — for operational support and improved compliance.
  • Asset behaviour insight — identify opportunities for improvement and reduce breakdowns.
  • Root cause analysis — pinpoint issues and problem-solve faster.

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