Integration and optimisation of end-to-end supply chain planning and execution processes.

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Connecting disparate silos to streamline your supply chain.


A customised supply chain roadmap for your business

At Nukon, we look at the areas that deliver maximum value fast. Our integrated approach for end-to-end supply chain planning involves identifying and solving missing links in the planning life cycle and providing solutions tailored to your business that integrate with your ERP, MES, and other systems.

We understand that agile execution is a key requirement to facilitate a rapid response to short-term changes to any key inputs to the planning processes. Our solutions use digital workflows to ensure that your processes work seamlessly together to achieve this.


IT-OT experts specialising in supply chain integration

A roadmap sets the agenda for change, now it’s time to integrate the technologies and systems that will drive this change in your operation.

Nukon understands that each business is different. That’s why we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to integrating new technology. We integrate solutions that complement and enhance the rest of your business.

Our information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) experts understand that data from all systems is important and know how to ensure you have all that data at your disposal.

Nukon's three-stage approach

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Ever wondered what would happen if you had one source of truth?

By connecting disparate silos and bringing your data into one place, you can maximise visibility across the business, identify areas for improvement, and manage and plan operations more effectively.

Cultivating a robust dataset enables business intelligence insights to inform decision-making, improving efficiencies across your entire operation while considering not just one isolated area, but every facet of your supply chain.


Our supply chain solutions

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