Measure consumption and calculate costs more accurately.

Optimise efficiencies, reduce costs for you and the end user. 



The importance of affordable water management

We all consume it, so water management costs and how they affect the end user will always be a hot topic. Water authorities need to make decisions that deliver value to the public by first looking within.

Using the right technology to acquire meaningful data and use it to your advantage is critical. Nukon's water solutions help you get more out of your data, so you can make quicker, smarter and more cost-effective decisions. 

Get the most out of your data

Chances are you already have data, but it may be historical and ad hoc, or scattered across multiple sites and systems. We can help you establish a network of data points to provide:

  • Greater accuracy, transparency and clarity
  • A single source of truth
  • Predictive analytics to identify and mitigate potential issues before they happen
  • Productivity gains
  • Reduced administrative costs.

We understand the time crunch

It's no secret that water is a critical resource! We ensure you have the right systems in place to minimise downtime and collaborate with you to ensure we implement the highest-priority, highest-value objectives fast.

Nukon works with stakeholders to break down every project into achievable, easy-to-implement blocks — meaning you can start putting the solutions in place in weeks rather than months. Learn more about the way we work.

Following cyber security best practices

With more water services moving to cloud-based systems, security measures must become more flexible, defending against potential risk.

Our team can assist you with compliance requirements, including a review of your platforms, systems, and existing security environment, assessing what may pose the biggest risk to operations, and reviewing it against current best practices to identify areas of focus. 



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