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Connecting systems and assets to improve visibility and performance
for energy operations 


Drawing closer to Net Zero 2050, the Australian energy market is accelerating decarbonisation strategies while the transition to renewable energy faces challenges in resourcing, changing regulatory frameworks and increasing costs.

That means organisations are trying to adopt cleaner energy methods and technologies while trying to understand and meet new environmental standards and governance requirements and monitor for evolving cyber threats. This is driving a need to transform current operations.

Your business needs to quickly:

  • Gain awareness
  • Ensure compliance, and
  • Effectively manage, maintain and report on your assets.

Digital initiatives and data technologies to optimise energy assets 

Evaluate your existing processes and systems, and then find ways to leverage digital technologies to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of your organisation.  

As a digital transformation consulting and delivery company, Nukon works with you on:  

  • Ingestion, storage and visibility of your data, including asset behaviour insight 
  • Real-time asset performance monitoring (APM) 
  • Integration of different data sources and asset management systems 
  • Automation of business processes (including forecasting and simulation) 
  • Frameworks for compliance, standardisation, and governance  
  • Improved reporting functionality 
  • Roadmaps, solution architecture design and technology selection 
  • Workshops, training, end-user enablement and support.    

Our consultants take a whole-of-business approach to your project, ensuring we understand your pain points and goals. Then we develop a transformation strategy to deliver solutions in achievable and easy-to-implement stages.   

 If you’re ready to optimise existing processes, improve decision-making and unlock efficiency gains, let’s get started.  


Energy management technology partners


Access and leverage Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud solutions to automate and digitise manual processes. 

To help you unlock the full potential of your data and assets, we rely on technology partners such as:  

  • Inductive Automation 
  • Seeq 
  • Transpara 
  • IBM 
  • Software AG 
  • TIBCO 
  • AWS 
  • AVEVA 
  • Canary Labs. 

Take advantage of Nukon’s strategic partnerships with leading hardware and software providers in the energy sector.

You’ll gain access to cutting-edge technologies, and key industry insights. 

Managing cyber resilience

Our knowledge of the Security of Critical Infrastructure (SOCI) Act, along with the Australian Energy Sector Cyber Security Framework (AESCSF and AESCSFv2) means we can ensure robust cyber resilience across your operation. 

For organisations running on-premises or cloud-based systems, Nukon can review your platforms, systems, and existing security environment, assessing what may pose the biggest risk to operations.

We're an Australian-owned and operated business, backed by the SAGE group of companies.

Find out more about SAGE Group's energy capability.


Integration of traditional and renewable energy assets

Working with renewable asset owners and conventional generation operators, Nukon’s depth of experience ensures a successful outcome for your project. 

 We bring a strong understanding of complex, critical infrastructure assets and their systems, delivering secure integration for:  

  • Renewable assets (including solar and wind) 
  • Behind-the-meter systems 
  • Virtual power plants 
  • Transmission and substation systems.  

 Rely on Nukon to build and deploy solutions that are scalable, sustainable, secure, and manageable. From automated processes that improve maintenance responses to machine learning models for dependable forecasting – we deliver results for your organisation. 


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