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Sovereign, scalable, and secure digital transformation solutions.


Asset management solutions with full lifecycle support

Working with critical assets across a wide range of industries and specialising in IT-OT solutions, Nukon understands the importance of reliability and scalability while ensuring physical and cyber security is maximised. 

A trusted sovereign defence solution provider, we bring unique expertise across critical systems and infrastructure through our work across other industries including water, energy, manufacturing, and transport (including airports and ports).

As part of SAGE Group, Nukon is a trusted partner that has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the defence industry, delivering end-to-end solutions for the Navy, Army and Air Force. 

Go-Paperless-Digital -Transformation

Paperless workflow solutions

Permit and sign-off systems are a must-have in defence, but should they still be on paper? While paper-based systems may still be thought of as the most trusted method for safety and security, there are robust systems available that are proving to be a game-changer for defence primes.

Digitising permit systems have the potential to save thousands of manual hours of paper-based sign-offs to then pass these time-saving benefits on to achieve other critical objectives. 

Nukon can build tailor-made cyber secure platforms and interactive dashboards to drive optimised performance, developing paperless digital workflow solutions that connect with existing systems or integrate with the latest technology.

Minimise risk with air-gapping solutions

A single source of truth is critical for data analysis and discovery but is just as important when accessing specific files in a fast-moving industry like defence.

Air-gapping is a process that adds a layer of protection to your existing file storage and sorting system. It involves consolidating files in a secure system and strictly limiting file access to reduce the risk of file sharing and storing files on Wi-Fi networks.

Nukon can develop local, Wi-Fi-free air-gapping solutions that enable strict limitations to determine who can access a file, including whether singular or multiple versions are available, and whether they are available to be printed, exclusively digital, or shared at all.


Cyber Security

In an Australian landscape where digital transformation is seeing more and more IT-OT systems in critical infrastructure environments, cyber security has never been more important. 

This convergence of IT and OT has enabled business efficiencies but increased the risk of cyber incidents. Understanding these risks and challenges you face in protecting your OT assets against a cyber-attack is critical.

Experts in IT-OT, Nukon understands complex, critical infrastructure assets and their connected systems to ensure robust cyber resilience across your operation.


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