Digital Twin

Test new ideas and innovations to improve efficiency in an accurate, virtual replica of your entire operation. 

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A risk-free digital environment to trial new scenarios, identify inefficiencies
and unlock business intelligence for smarter decision-making.


A Digital Twin makes difficult decisions easy

Utilising real-world data, a Digital Twin considers all the physical constraints of your factory to simulate how equipment, people, processes, and devices will perform. It provides complete visibility of the current state of the system, but critically, can predict forward in time to see the expected future state.

Through our Digital Twin solutions, Nukon can provide production, supply chain, planner, factory, site and continuous improvement managers, CEOs, GMs, and COOs with evidence-based, data-driven insights for difficult and potentially expensive business decisions. 


A must-have for manufacturers


The ability to apply simulation modelling to optimise processes and predict system performance has shifted the Digital Twin from a nice-to-have tool to a must-have technology for the manufacturing industry. 
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Do these challenges sound familiar?

Uncertainty On Decision-Impact​ 

Unsure of the effect of business decisions or potential changes such as the location or design of warehouses, building a new plant, purchasing new assets or producing new products (NPD)? ​Simulate through trial and error in a risk-free environment before making the big call.

A Need to Increase Throughput​ 

Looking to increase demand or maintain the demand by investing fewer resources? Our tool finds the most cost-effective improvement that will drive the highest boost in production output.​

Complex Planning​ 

Having difficulty planning changeovers efficiently to meet demand in complex production sequences? The simulation model generates optimum production plans within seconds considering all constraints.​

High Costs

Low SKU profitability and unoptimised shift structures? The virtual factory reveals the total production cost per SKU and defines the working schedules that reduce the labour cost.​ 

Difficult Inventory Management​

Having difficulty managing the increase of inventories of raw materials, WIP and finished goods in a growth or expansion phase? The Digital Twin supports setting the best replenishment policies and planning rules.​

Looking to unlock data for the decisions that matter?

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