Nukon signs as Mindsphere partner for Internet of Things capability

 Nukon has joined a group of digitisation trailblazers in a regional-first partnership that promises to bolster Australia’s Internet of Things (IoT) capability.

It was one of eight companies to sign as Foundation Members to Siemens' IoT platform ‘Mindsphere’ at the launch of the new Mindsphere Centre located at Swinburne University’s Factory of the Future, last week.Nukon-stewiedonn-LR-Siemens-MindSphere-85

Nukon Managing Director Alec Konynenburg said it was pleased to have been asked to join as a foundational partner.

“This partnership will allow Nukon to extend its reach using a globally supported platform and suite of apps,” he said.“The partnership signifies Nukon’s maturity in this market as a digitisation consultancy that is capable of harnessing a range of technologies to solve some of the most complex problems of our age,” Mr Konynenburg said. “Our capability and clientele is very strong in this space.”

Mindsphere is Siemens’ open, cloud-based Industrial IoT operating system that answers to the industrial industry’s age-old challenge: harnessing and acting on data from legacy and new devices and systems.

 Mr Konynenburg said Mindsphere will be another powerful tool in Nukon’s digital toolbox:

Solutions like the IoT cloud-based container counting system for container recycling depots and the machine learning-leveraged sewer blockage detection system helping TasWater detect blockages before they occur. 

“Mindsphere is one of many best-of-breed technologies that Nukon leverages to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions to customers with differing challenges and complexities,” he said.

Nukon-stewiedonn-LR-Siemens-MindSphere-87SAGE Group CEO Adrian Fahey and Nukon Managing Director Alec Konynenburg receive congratulations at the partnership launch event, Swinburne University in August 2018.  

Siemens’ Head of Australia’s Industrial Automation and Digitalization businesses Michael Freyney, said it was pleasing that Australian companies have a real appetite to compete through advanced digitalization and data solutions.

“Our MindSphere foundation partners like Nukon, will be the trail blazers to help transform industrial Australia through intelligent data,” Mr Freyney said.

 "Companies who are early adopters will have a distinct advantage in this age where new business models are coming to life daily and where data is being converted into valuable business information,” Mr Freyney said.

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