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Nukon helps you access and manage the information needed to
perform better in waste and resource recovery. 


Intelligent waste and resource recovery

Australia creates more than 67 million tonnes of waste every year. It’s a problem we all contribute to and have to deal with.

Changing the way our resources are managed requires a strong understanding of how to measure, reduce, reuse and recover waste as we move towards a circular economy.

As Australia works towards a goal of recycling more than 650,000 additional tonnes of waste materials by 2024, more businesses will need to take responsibility for managing the impact of their products.


Ways Nukon can help

As the demand for accurate data and accountability becomes more urgent pending legislative change, Nukon can assist with a range of solutions.
  • Data collection
  • Innovation and prototyping
  • Vision systems, machine learning and AI
  • Data analytics, dashboards and reporting
  • Accountability and traceability (Blockchain)
  • Connectivity to existing systems and effective exchange of data
  • Automation of people, processes and systems, using our app. 

You (probably) need better information

The Australian 2018 National Waste Policy highlights better information as one of its five overarching policies.
With Nukon's help, you can quickly access the information you need to manage waste and resource recovery.

Data collection allows you to monitor, measure and adjust in order to achieve waste management or sustainability outcomes.
Make data-driven decisions with better quality information to support innovation, guide investment and enable better waste management outcomes. 

Who do we help?

Nukon works with local governments, schools, manufacturers, logistics and material recovery facilities and all types of businesses to develop solutions for smarter waste management and accountability.

Improving data visibility and information system reliability
Reducing the costs of waste management
Increased data insight for manufacturing and packaging operations to understand the volume of materials to be recovered
Understanding waste streams – how much is produced and where
Counting and sorting with low-cost vision systems
Smart recycling solutions.

Through Nukon’s range of secure, low-cost solutions, we ensure you are quick to react to changes in the industry and have greater information and transparency in waste and resource recovery.
If your goal is to deliver a better customer experience, to produce more sustainable materials or to improve your waste management processes, we can help.

 We've already delivered some exciting projects in the waste and recycling space, including our work with Container Deposit Systems Australia 

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