Bringing greater insights and productivity to the mining industry

Nukon enables faster data-backed decision-making to increase productivity for the
mining, minerals and metals sector.


Mining, Minerals
and Metals

Facing pressure to improve efficiency and safety while balancing shifts in the economic climate, the resources sector must optimise operations. But shifting from a traditional mining environment brings challenges.
The need for a whole-of-business view and real-time insight across all mining sites is beneficial – but how do you bring this into your organisation?
Working with clients in open pit and underground mining operations, crushing and processing plants, Nukon enable this change by ensuring your critical data is usable, actionable and able to provide more insight for your organisation.

What Nukon can help with:

  • Data modelling
  • Time series analytics, machine learning and analytics support
  • Mobile equipment telemetry
  • Transition plans for network changes
  • Implementation plans and standards for data modelling
  • Automation of maintenance workflows
  • System-level integration to share information across multiple systems
  • Analytics training, end-user enablement and support

Optimising mining operations and improving time-to-insight

In the face of increasing pressure in the mining, minerals and metals industry, you want to be assured of results. Our consultants plan and implement digital initiatives that can drive the biggest results for your organisation.

What that means for your organisation can differ substantially. It might be collecting better-quality information on plant and equipment usage to enable improved maintenance schedules and increased reliability for your assets.

For others, it might be optimisation of existing facilities to reduce chemical usage, better sharing of data between systems or upskilling your teams on the tools you currently have.


If you’re collecting data from multiple sites and systems, but need some help
consolidating it to improve time-to-insight and business value,
we can help.

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