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Driving better public experiences through data-driven decision-making.


Connected people and places are the future

In the dynamic landscape of public management, staying ahead means embracing digital transformation. With smart cities solutions, you can utilise affordable and scalable technology to draw critical insights through data analytics, IoT, AI and cloud technologies to:

•    Enhance city-wide data collection and analysis
•    Optimise public systems including transportation, waste management, and utilities
•    Implement smart city infrastructure for improved public governance and citizen engagement
•    Boost efficiency in public services and infrastructure management
•    Integrate disparate public systems through insightful data analytics.


Sustainable, efficient, and innovative public environments

By integrating IoT sensors, AI, and other advanced technology into urban infrastructure and services, you can optimize resource use, reduce emissions, and enhance sustainability, ultimately creating more efficient, environmentally friendly, and resilient public environments.

Nukon provides smart city consulting and data analytics solutions to enable you to intelligently manage energy, traffic, and waste systems. Monitor and adjust resource use in real-time, reduce traffic congestion, ensure efficient waste collection, and promote renewable energy, all while maintaining robust infrastructure to adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Transform the unpredictable  into valuable insights 

You might be surprised how much value can be lost without the right data. Pedestrian flow data for a shopping centre, airport, or large community event, for instance, can be analysed to gain invaluable insights into movement patterns, density in certain areas, infrastructure requirements, and more.

 Integrating advanced sensor technology allows you to better understand the public experience to make smarter decisions that help enhance it. Pedestrian flow data, traffic flow and congestion data, environmental data, parking and utilisation data, and public transport usage data are just a handful of insights that Nukon's smart cities solutions unlock.



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