About Us


Nukon is an Operational Technology company that unlocks your data to make decisions that matter.


Data visibility

We use a data-driven approach to business collaboration, automation and supply chain optimisation.  Our independent, custom-designed solutions combine strategy, analysis and technology to give visibility into key business processes, so they can be optimised.



Agile implementation, immediate action

Our consulting and agile implementations enable a collaborative and iterative way to implement solutions that are fit-for-purpose, reliable, cost-effective and have an instant impact on business output.


Technology Independent

Not every technology is right for every situation. We are technology independent and work with a range of open source and proprietary software, hardware, programming languages and database technology to find the best solution based on your unique requirements



Accelerating digital journeys

Nukon is a part of SAGE Group, a global company with a team of more than 600 people over three continents. As a specialist industrial services provider, SAGE combines the perfect balance of technology, process and capability to support clients in accelerating their digital journey


Where we work

We have years of experience working in utilities, manufacturing, defence, oil & gas, food and beverage and supply chain.

Most business optimisation technologies only let you tackle one part of the business at a time. Instead, Nukon provides a complete whole-of-business view, delivering fully integrated business optimisation solutions from supply chain to operations, the shop floor, IT, engineering and beyond.



We deliver end-to-end digital transformation through three key areas: strategy and consulting, solution delivery and support.

Strategy and Consulting

Your success is our success. Our consultative approach means we spend more time upfront understanding your business and current state so we can develop a clear roadmap and delivery plan that will have strong uptake and success. 


Agile project delivery

Agile project delivery ensures that project milestones are met, and the end result is championed your people. Regular iterations and feedback means the final product is optimised for your business’s exact needs.


24/7 support desk

You aren’t on your own. We provide 24/7 support during, and after project completion to guarantee continued support for you and your operational staff.


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Examples of Nukon's work


Real-time awareness

Melbourne airport’s operational technologies (OT) and information technologies (IT) systems were integrated such as baggage handling, aircraft real-time position and customer check-in to provide a representation of all operations in real-time.


Supply chain planning

Nukon developed a system to support a food and beverage processing plant on a 'pull model', where raw materials are managed for maximum efficiency, driven by actual store order demand.


Predictive analytics

TasWater achieved an industry-first analytics solution that leverages live and historical data to detect blockages in their infancy, thereby preventing potential spill events for utilities.

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