The Nukon way of working

Nukon's way of working is quite unique compared with other consultancies – it's kind of like our 'secret sauce'.

It’s how we deliver the most effective digital transformation solutions to you, keeping you in the loop every step of the way to ensure your outcomes are achieved.

If you’ve found your way to this blog, by now you probably have some idea of what Nukon is all about!

If not, we’ve got you covered – here’s the TLDR:

We are a digital transformation consulting and delivery company, which means we find the right technology and data solutions to improve your operations.

Our consultants bridge the information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) gap to successfully combine engineering, advanced technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to maximise your operational efficiency and unlock data for decisions that matter.

Even with this rundown, we feel it’s important to provide thorough context as to what it is Nukon actually do when we work with your business.

So, let’s dive in.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the Nukon way of working:

  • We are authentically agile; you can change the requirements of a project without long and drawn-out budget negotiation.
  • Working closely with you, we ensure your objectives are being met every step of the way, with complete visibility of your project’s progress.
  • Collaborative digital tools provide completely open communication channels, meaning quick wins for you and faster return on investment (ROI).

In this blog, we’ll explore these points further, taking a closer look at how Nukon’s agile process and use of collaborative digital tools ensure you get exactly what you need in your project.

Agile process: collaboration, visibility, quick wins

You’ve probably heard of the term agile used in project management before. In essence, consulting within an agile framework involves creating solutions for businesses to achieve their most critical needs, regardless of changing requirements that may arise mid-project.

Typically, changing the demands of a project can result in time-consuming budget negotiations and even work stoppages.

Not with Nukon. Our way of working ensures we are truly agile.

Nukon-Agile-ProcessA snapshot of Nukon’s agile framework.


Starting with a site visit, we’ll drop by and see for ourselves the way your unique workplace operates. You know your business better than anyone, that’s why we directly discuss with you the challenges you’re facing.

These conversations with your internal team extend to the IT department, where we work together to bridge the operational technology and informational technology gap; speaking both ‘languages’ to increase organizational-wide clarity.


Together with stakeholders, we build a backlog of tasks comprising everything that may be required to achieve the project’s objectives. Next, the Nukon team forms an initial solution – working with you to gain a greater understanding of what aspects of the proposed project are most crucial.

“Using the: could do, should do, must do framework, we sit down with all the stakeholders who are going to use the solution and brainstorm which aspects of the project fall under each of these three categories,” Richard Cuthbert, Nukon Principal explains.

“The resulting tasks are then easily placed into the Nukon team’s workflow, prioritising the client’s urgent requirements – ensuring these are always being met at any point in time while maintaining the long-term objective.”

Nukon-could-do-should-do-must-doThe 'could do, should do, must do' framework provides a priority hierarchy for tasks in your project to ensure the most impactful items are addressed quickly.

Quick wins for the client

Working in sprints – small blocks of tasks in two-to-four-week increments – allows the Nukon team the flexibility to quickly modify the workflow to achieve new objectives quickly.

“It’s really about dividing large projects into easier-to-manage tasks that are completed at shorter intervals over the project life cycle,” Alec Konynenburg, Executive General Manager says.

This way of working gets you quick wins, adding value back into your business fast while keeping a big-picture view of your project’s overall objectives.

Using a hierarchy of priorities allows the Nukon team to rapidly turn around urgent tasks, solving the most critical problems hindering your operational efficiency to achieve a faster ROI.

“It’s a collaborative, iterative project-oriented management approach that includes continuous testing and the ability to respond to changes,” Alec says.

Collaboration is factored into the way we work at Nukon, from the moment a client reaches out, continuing throughout every stage of a project.

Collaborative digital tools: a continuous communication flow

According to a recent PMI survey, the primary cause of project failure outlined by executive leaders was a lack of clearly defined objectives and milestones to measure progress.

Ensuring goals are clearly defined forms a considerable part of Nukon’s initial consulting process. Continuing to check in on these goals throughout a project is equally crucial.

Using collaborative digital tools opens a constant stream of communication between Nukon and our clients, ensuring everyone is collectively working towards the same objectives, even if – in line with the agile methodology – these goals change mid-project.

When we talk about collaborative digital tools, we are referring to programs that allow two-way communication between Nukon and our clients – including all relevant team members and stakeholders involved with the project.

An example of this in practice with our client

Nukon has recently been using Miro, an online collaborative whiteboard platform, to work together with a regional Australian manufacturer on a digital transformation project.

Emerson Cabisidan, Nukon Consultant on the project, says that using a digital tool such as Miro ensures that the client can see project progress and next steps.

“Miro is a digital whiteboard, allowing the client to easily visualise the entire workflow within their project, and monitor how each task is progressing at any point in time,” Emerson explains.

“By providing this visual aid, it simplifies the project discussion and maximises stakeholder engagement – it’s a great way for us to communicate with the client.”

Nukon-way-of-working-Emerson-AndrewNukon Consultant, Emerson Cabisidan (right) and Principal Consultant, Andrew May at our Melbourne office.

A recent survey of project and portfolio practitioners by Wellingtone suggested that the most critical process to project success is stakeholder engagement.

Throughout the project Emerson has been working on, key stakeholders have had access to the Miro board to suggest workflow tasks for the Nukon team, easily completed through a ‘sticky note’ system. Tasks are then added into the backlog via the agile project management software, Jira, and assigned to the Nukon team’s workflow.

“Working this way not only ensures the client has complete control and visibility over their project but also allows us to finalise and sign off tasks quickly,” says Emerson.

“Collaborating with the client's team, we have been able to easily gain confirmation to begin work on new tasks that have arisen during their project, enabling us to develop and deploy solutions for them to use immediately.”

Utilising collaborative digital tools in conjunction with an agile framework, Nukon can deploy team members to suit your project requirements – regardless of their location.

Our consulting model is robust across different industries and built to last throughout all challenges – including pandemic lockdowns – to ensure operations can continue at all times.

Digital transformation made easy with Nukon’s way of working

We hope this blog has provided a bit more context of how our agile and highly collaborative way of working can deliver your business great results.

Digital transformation can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

Our digitally connected way of working ensures our clients achieve their operational technology objectives with complete visibility from the outset of their project and throughout every stage of design, development and deployment.

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