Cloud computing 101: why and how your operation should implement

Has your operation made the world-renowned “journey to the cloud?” With cloud data centers predicted to process 94% of workloads in 2021, it’s important to understand all that cloud computing offers.

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Our approach to supply chain optimisation for F&B businesses

 There is always a lot of talk about the manufacturing industry and what’s going on out there in the market, but as a digital operations consultancy that helps customer organisations to improve business agility, we rarely share our own insights and observations.

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How digital transformation technologies are enhancing business operations

Digital transformation technologies have the potential to give businesses more transparency, agility, and competitive advantage to name a few. So what’s stopping Australian businesses from adopting digital technologies now?

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Q&A: IIoT tools and how they can help manufacturing

We are in the midst of a digital revolution, dubbed by founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

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What Amazon can teach us about digital transformation in manufacturing

Amazon has undergone constant digital transformation, from its beginnings as a small mail-order bookstore in 1994, to a global organisation boasting $38 billion in revenue in 2017. How does it continue to stay ahead of the pack and harness the latest digital technologies to improve its own business processes?

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Data historians vs time-series: which is better for data analysis?

Now more than ever, industrial operations and manufacturers are racing to ‘unlock’ process data to leverage their plant-floor information. It’s the challenge of the decade. In order to address this challenge, we need to be looking at what time-series databases and data historians can do.Correct use of these database technologies will mean the difference between simply having data, and being able to analyse and use data to maintain operations and improve the performance of the plant.

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The birth of real-time data analysis through time-series databases

The world has more data than it knows what to do with. The statistics are incredible: IBM says the world creates two and a half quintillion bytes or 2,500,000,000,000,000,000 bytes of data EVERY DAY.

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Data analysis: why process historians and time-series are essential

Process historians have been used to monitor processes in the industrial sector for more than 20 years, and yet many companies Nukon talks to don’t have them. 

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