6 steps to a successful digital transformation (Part 2: Implementation)

Part I of this digital transformation blog series outlined how to assess your current state, identify what you want out of your digitalisation journey in relation to key business drivers, and develop a technology roadmap with a digital strategy.

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6 steps to a successful digital transformation (Part 1: Getting started)

People clearly recognise the value and importance of digitalisation and Industry 4.0. Successful digital transformation can quickly remove some of the biggest pain points for a business and shift an organisation's goals to better serve its customers.

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The Nukon way of working

Nukon's way of working is quite unique compared with other consultancies – it's kind of like our 'secret sauce'.

It’s how we deliver the most effective digital transformation solutions to you, keeping you in the loop every step of the way to ensure your outcomes are achieved.

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Digital transformation of your business: why Agile project management guarantees results

Arguably, the concept of ‘digital transformation’ has not always been easy to understand. It’s been thrown around for the past few years to describe anything from implementing disruptive technologies, moving from paper to digital, or simply applying digital technology to any aspect of business.

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