Three web applications connect end-to-end bin collection and refunding service.


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Nukon developed three web application solutions for Direct Collect, producing a user-friendly platform for multiple end users to support its innovative on-demand recycling service.


Cloud and web app solutions.


Adelaide, South Australia, Australia


The SA Government’s container deposit scheme has offered monetary incentives for recycling in SA since 1977, contributing to South Australia leading the nation in the recovery, recycling and litter reduction of beverage containers.

Adelaide-based business, Direct Collect, was launching a new and innovative bin collection service to provide homes and businesses in SA with a dedicated bin for 10¢ refundable bottles, cans and containers. 

To achieve this service, Direct Collect required a highly available, scalable, and user-friendly web application to connect Direct Collect users with dedicated drivers and participating depots and provide overall visibility across the service operation.

With extensive experience developing cloud and web app solutions, and having previously worked on an IoT cloud solution for Container Deposit Systems (CDS), Nukon was brought in at the ground level for Direct Collect as a technical partner to develop a suitable end-to-end web app solution.


Nukon provided a series of software development consultations, working closely with Direct Collect to understand the requirements to enable their unique service delivery model, revolving around an agile build process.

Through this process, Nukon identified that three Direct Collect web applications were required:

  1. Customer app
  2. Admin app
  3. Driver app

Developing separate customer, admin, and driver apps, the end-to-end solution blends each of the critical elements of service provided by Direct Collect with an easy-to-use interface for the varying end-users.

Customer app

In the customer app application, Direct Collect customers can sign up and manage the delivery and collection of their bins.

Direct-Collect-appThe Direct Collect customer app’s bin request interface provides clear step-by-step instructions for users.

How it works:

  1. Users create a Direct Collect account for their business or residential address via the customer app.
  2. Users request a bin to be delivered.
  3. User fills their Direct Collect bin with 10¢ refundable bottles, cans & containers.
  4. When the bin is full, the user signs in to request a collection via the customer app. The bin is swapped for a clean, empty one by Direct Collect, with depots and allocated drivers receiving notifications of user requests via the admin and driver apps respectively.
  5. The bin is scanned via a QR code located on the bin and the bottles, cans, and containers are counted.
  6. The user receives their refund, directly deposited into their bank account or paid directly to their nominated, participating charity or club.

The Direct Collect bins are available for request via the customer app (sign-in screen pictured right).

Admin app

The admin app offers Direct Collect complete visibility and management capabilities across the end-to-end service offering. The admin app provides Direct Collect with a streamlined, easy-to-use interface to process orders, customer requests, and driver management, including driver manifests.

Direct Collect customers are automatically assigned to one of five depots covering the Adelaide region, based on their address. From here, the admin app collects customer requests for bin drop-offs and pickups via the customer app, allowing admins – depot admins (each of the depots), Direct Collect admin, and Nukon admin – to manage these requests.

Direct-Collect-admin-app-viewThe admin app interface showcases the ‘orders’ tab.

Based on location, customer requests can be organised by admins in the form of driver manifests, communicating with allocated drivers at each depot to complete a work order (see driver app). The admin app provides complete end-to-end visibility of the Direct Collect service and digital work order management capabilities.

Driver app

The driver app allows assigned drivers from registered depots to have an electronic driver manifest, which includes turn-by-turn instructions for the delivery and pickup of bins, including route optimisation using third-party technology, Adiona.

Direct-Collect-Route-OptimizationThe Direct Collect driver app route optimization capability ensures efficient trips for bin drop-off and pickup.

Once a work order request is completed in the admin app, an alert is sent to the allocated driver at the relevant depot with the optimised route, delivery and pickup instructions, and any notes made by the customer or admin relating to the request.


The system uses an end-to-end Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology stack, providing high availability and scalability as the Direct Collect service grows its customer base via an entirely cloud-based solution.

For Direct Collect, ensuring strong systems are in place early, particularly with a growing number of users, is crucial, and the AWS solution means this continues as the business grows. Critically, system security is already built into the selected AWS platforms, providing users peace of mind that their data is secure, without Direct Collect having to create their own cyber security solution.

Through AWS, Direct Collect have access to strong analytics to help them monitor and handle any errors, and also to understand critical business insights, including the most popular depots and user plans to enable data-driven decisions.

AWS technology stack used in Direct Collect:

  • AWS Relational Database Services (RDS)
  • AWS Lambda serverless computing
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Nukon partners with AWS for various functionality, helping build and deliver sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability at a cost-effective price point for the customer.  

QR code integration

Central to the entire solution is the Direct Collect bin, which includes a QR code for identification. The driver app can scan the QR code (also scanned at the depot via the CDS solution when the containers are counted) and refund the customer with that bin’s QR code.

Container Deposit Systems

Each of the participating depots utilises CDS technology and services to ensure highly accurate and efficient counting and identification of all eligible containers.

Each depot is supported by an Auto Return Terminal (ART) or Manual Input Station (MIS) used for the automated sorting, counting, data collection and processing solutions, developed by Nukon and SAGE Automation in a past project.

CDS designed its solutions specifically to enable a nationwide uptake of the recycling refund scheme which is already being used by recycling depots right around Australia.

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)

Nukon brought in a UI/UX designer to understand the requirements across the three applications, while Feeney Marketing supported elements of the user experience design.


Direct Collect officially launched at the Royal Adelaide Show in 2022, building a solid base of active users since its release.

At present, the Direct Collect service is available for Adelaide Metro residents and businesses located between Willunga and Gawler by signing up via

Nukon will continue to provide ongoing support as the Direct Collect user base expands in the Adelaide region and beyond.

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