Innovative digital solution earns Nukon its fourth Seeq Partner of the Year award

Nukon has been recognised as a 2023 Seeq Operational Excellence Partner of the Year this month at its annual Partners of the Year event, held this year in Orlando, FL, USA.

Seeq, a leader in advanced analytics and industrial AI, celebrates its partners that have set the standard for excellence in delivering the next generation of digital transformation and industrial manufacturing improvements – recognising Nukon’s work building a comprehensive digital training program using the platform.

Named a Seeq Partner of the Year for a fourth consecutive year, Nukon’s award-winning solution was developed to enable process engineers and data scientists to easily collaborate and build predictive analytics at a high fire-risk facility.

The innovative advanced warning system and machine learning (ML) digital solution can detect foaming and other high-impact anomalies prior to them occurring to optimise safety for workers, prevent damage to asset infrastructure, and identify root causes for further preventative action.

“As a technology-agnostic company, we look to implement solutions that bring the best value to our customers and to drive real outcomes through digital operations transformation. Seeq’s capabilities were a strong fit for a number of complex real-time anomaly detection and prediction use cases,” said Nukon Practice Lead for Analytics and Asset Solutions, Andrew May.

“Our strong relationship with Seeq, combined capability and knowledge of the platform allowed us to deliver outcomes exceeding expectations, setting a new standard in real-time predictive analytics.”

Utilising Seeq for three different production applications – multivariate analysis, an advanced warning system and asset fire-risk detection solution – proved to be a seamless experience for both Nukon and the end user. Each project gained positive feedback from the client on the value, capability, and utility of the product, ensuring that they will be able to reduce risk and optimise production across the organisation.

Nukon has previously implemented Seeq solutions for customers across food and beverage, mining, metals and materials, utilities, renewables and speciality manufacturing. Among the use cases is a pattern matching and predictive analytics solution, which TasWater uses for sewer blockage detection to protect local waterways.

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