Transparency from farm to fork: how you can power your response to food safety recall

While food recalls are a relatively rare occurrence – according to Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), there are on average 67 food recalls per year – they can pose a significant danger to public health and safety if not done correctly or in a timely manner. That is why the FSANZ requires that manufacturers, wholesalers and importers of food have a detailed system in place to ensure the recall of unsafe food.

In these instances, it is the responsibility of the food and beverage business to:

  • cease the distribution and sale of the contaminated or incorrectly labelled product as soon as possible
  • inform the government, customers and the public of the issue
  • effectively and efficiently remove the unsafe product from the marketplace

In order to help fulfil these responsibilities, it is up to the manufacturing or production manager to identify precisely which products have been affected and isolate the issue. However, in a manufacturing plant that functions largely on manual processes, tracking down the affected items can be a laborious process that is error-prone and time-consuming, thereby putting more people at risk of having their health impacted by the tainted product.

With Nukon’s software, however, enacting food recalls becomes a breeze.

We have a powerful app that orchestrates machines, systems, and people in a production environment using workflow automation. It enforces adherence to production processes, prescribes checksheet tasks to the right users at the right time, reduces time spent monitoring assets and allows operators to focus on continuous improvement activities.

This allows you to:

  • Map your production process workflows using standard BPMN 2.0 notation
  • Automate your production process workflows with a fully featured BPMN workflow engine
  • Integrate with existing machine control systems and business systems like ERP and WMS
  • Prescribe tasks to users from automated workflows and allow tasks to be completed via a prioritised task list user interface.
  • Orchestrate machines, systems, and people.
  • Automate decision making with decision matrices
  • Get closer to lights out manufacturing

How can our software help enact food recalls?

With our software you have data visibility across the entire manufacturing plant, so you can quickly and simply identify which products have been impacted.

This allows you to:

  • Isolate and limit the number of the products in a recall.
  • Product audit and recall data can now be found by simply running a report, rather than spending hours sifting through paperwork.
  • Identify which customers may have been affected so they can be immediately notified
  • Pinpoint the issue within the plant causing the contamination or incorrect labelling so it can be rectified
  • Gain greater business intelligence by using statistical process control to drive notifications when a data point is trending out of control.

This allows uniformity in quality control process, to minimise the variances in data and to improve consistency in adhering to a preventative control plan. Furthermore, quality assurance technicians need a way to quickly access and search data for product audits or recalls.

This type of quick traceability and access to data helps food and beverage companies rapidly and easily enact their food recall system, ensuring they remain complaint to FSANZ standards and, more importantly, protect public health and safety.

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