Recognising the need for better data visibility, an Australian packaging company engaged Nukon to reduce admin tasks and make real-time data more accessible in their operations.


Manufacturing: Food & Beverage 


Saved more than 30 hours per month in data entry

Increased data accuracy and accessibility

Single source of truth for production data

Able to quickly identify performance lags and optimum changeover times


Consulting, data analysis, data integrity 


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Dave Worley - Process Control Superintendent, Cristal

“The way Nukon implemented Seeq was both agile and successful. Our process engineers are now able to analyse time-series data and validate hypotheses, plus easily document and share insights with the rest of the business.”


Nukon recently worked with an Australian owned and operated contract packing company, whose capabilities include supply and packaging of food and beverage items.

As part of an incredibly competitive industry, the client needed to maintain a high level of quality, reliability and efficiency in its operations.

To do this, the company relies on the collection of accurate data from a number of sources, which had previously involved staff manually inputting operational data into spreadsheets. This process could be prone to errors and made for a complicated spreadsheet system that was difficult to follow.

Presenting data for daily operations meetings or management reports was time-consuming, requiring staff to spend time entering information from multiple systems into additional spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.          

The client recognised the need for better data visibility. They wanted to gain further value from the operational data they were collecting and to reduce administration work so that team members could concentrate on value-adding tasks.  


Nukon was engaged by the client to understand the business needs and to assist with the collection of operational and performance data from various sources.

In addition to collating the data, it needed to be accessible to senior stakeholders, in a central location.

The types of data the client wanted to access included:

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Mean time between failures (MTBF)
  • Volume attainment
  • Quality data, such as hold volume, coliforms and complaints
  • Operational safety, such as incident reporting and injury mapping
  • Customer metrics, such as complaints
  • Warehouse performance, such as whether an order was delivered in full on time, error-free (DIFOTEF).

During consultations, requirement gathering and regular touch-points with the client, Nukon recommended Power BI would offer the greatest benefit by allowing the client to leverage the wealth of data collected through OFS software. This solution allows production performance to be visually represented in a central user-friendly connected dashboard, making business performance data more readily accessible.


Nukon worked with the client’s existing systems to integrate data from major sources, allowing for greater collection, tracking and analysis of key metrics. 

Real-time productivity and efficiency data displayed on the dashboard allows for easy identification of underperformance or issues, with the ability to deep dive into these areas of concern. The data captured can be quickly referenced during daily stand-ups or with the appropriate team members.

Increased information sharing with less manual input

Nukon provided the customer with a complete end-to-end solution, from the initial planning through to execution and ongoing support.

Following the implementation of the solution, the client enjoyed benefits such as:

  • Manual data entry decreased by a minimum of 30 hours per month
  • A single repository for operational data, instead of relying on collation of data into spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations for meetings
  • Real-time data visibility, enhancing production efficiency and data trending
  • Increased information sharing across the business, including workplace safety data automatically built into a safety cross
  • Decreased risk to the business; able to historicise data and access it as needed.
  • Greater opportunity for staff to focus on value-adding tasks rather than spending time on administration.


Reports are automatically generated, quickly representing data in an easy-to-read dashboard
that is accessible to any stakeholder in the business. 

Nukon implemented a solution which quickly identifies performance lags, so the client can take action, rather than having staff spending hours simply collating the data for reports.

In addition, the client is also utilising power consumption tracking through the tool. This provides them with insight into the plant’s consumption so the client can compare energy consumption during the production schedule. By tracking energy costs more closely and being able to visualise the potential impact, the client identifies optimal times to schedule changeovers.

Real-time retrieval of key data can provide your business with a competitive advantage. Nukon specialise in the integration of disparate sources of data, allowing greater insight to support your decision-making.

To speak with a consultant about opportunities to leverage the operational data of your business, get in touch using the details below.    



Technology used

Software: Power BI, OFS-X and OFS-Flow

Nukon worked with the client to design dashboards that could visually represent production performance and other key operational data in one place. This allowed the client’s data, collected through OFS software, to be structured and displayed in a meaningful way. 

Data optimisation 

Nukon continued to work with the client to optimise the metrics being measured. This involved a review of what was being tracked and what additional metrics added value for the business.

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