Nukon developed and implemented a crusher shut prediction model, and a dashboard to enable planning of maintenance of critical mining equipment. 


Newcrest Mining


Development of a model for successfully predicting crusher mantle and concave replacement, enabling optimised life, increasing throughput and maintaining up-time of critical mining equipment.


Data cleansing, data modelling, pattern matching and predictive analytics solution, process and time-series data analytics, real-time data analysis, user adoption training.


Telfer, Western Australia

Kim Fiddaman, Senior Consultant, Nukon

“We’ve been able to significantly increase adherence to the quality control plan by digitising key paper-based processes.”

Customer Goal and Challenge

One of the largest gold producers in the world, Newcrest has a portfolio of operational mines throughout three countries. In Western Australia, Newcrest’s Telfer mine, located 400km from Port Hedland, consists of both open pits and underground mines, producing gold and copper.

Telfer mine uses three gyratory crushers (two on the surface and one underground) to reduce the rock size of blasted materials for further processing. The crushers have two major components that require regular maintenance or replacement – the crusher mantle and crusher concave liners - shutdown of the crusher is necessary to complete this.

Newcrest required a reliable tool to inform the planning, maintenance and reliability teams on crusher shutdown dates, based on mantle and concave liner wear rates.


The Excel-based tool that was in use was error-prone and not intuitive for team members who were unfamiliar with extrapolation and probability. The tool didn’t work if a computer does not have PI Data Link installed, needed manual input, wasn’t readily accessible and didn’t provide insight beyond basic forecast dates.

Newcrest engaged Nukon to develop and implement a crusher shut prediction model, and a dashboard for the maintenance team to enable planning of crusher shuts and mantle replacements.


Nukon worked closely with Newcrest to develop and implement a Seeq model for predicting crusher mantle and concave replacements based on tonnes and Mainshaft Positioning (MPS).

In order to develop the model, Nukon assisted the Newcrest team to:

1. Perform initial data cleansing
2. Build a dynamic regression model for MPS
3. Build linear model for throughput
4. Create a visual dashboard with the indicative dates of suggested maintenance
5. Develop a 1-pager with the liner performance history, enabling Newcrest to review the trends over the last 3 years of operations.

Nukon performed initial data cleansing to filter out any unwanted signal data. 

Nukon also delivered on-site training workshops for the Seeq technologies implemented, sharing knowledge and increasing user adoption of the selected technologies among Newcrest employees.


This analysis enabled condition-based maintenance scheduling and optimised mantle life, without posing unnecessary risk of failure, resulting in increased uptime and more throughput for the client.


Solution technologies:

  • Seeq Workbench
  • Seeq Organizer. 


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