Analytics and workflow solution streamlines crusher reporting




Nukon delivered a Seeq solution that enables the client to perform detailed and optimised analytics, enhanced crusher reporting, and action items via an integrated workflow.


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Nukon’s client, an Australian iron ore company, uses a data analytics platform for asset monitoring that triggers events for predictive maintenance and process optimisation actions integrated with the company's low-latency event stream-processing platform. 

Improving performance and finding the optimal process operations for crushers can improve the availability and utilisation of the asset between 4% and 9% (Asbjörnsson et al., 2016), per simulations published in the literature.

Tramp events in the gyratory crusher are disastrous for performance and diminish the asset life. The company has invested in a more comprehensive view of its operations to improve reliability and optimise performance. Nevertheless, some challenges remain. 

Due to the limited visibility and the gap between the analytics and workflow systems, it was challenging to keep track of anomalies raised by the analytics system and convert them into actionable items – impacting predictive maintenance times and asset performance. Additionally, the existing crusher reporting system was time-consuming due to the design complexity of having multiple data sources for the parameters and signals involved.

In a move to optimise performance, improve response times to anomalies and have a streamlined integrated analytics workflow system, Nukon was engaged to deliver a solution. The main goal was to minimise tramp events and improve production throughput to support autonomous plant operations.


Nukon developed and implemented a solution that triggers workflows and alerts in response to analytics event triggers in Seeq – the data analytics platform chosen for this project.

The solution uses a set of leading indicators that include oil temperatures, pressures, run-time, power draw, vibration readings, and more. These indicators enable the operations to understand normal operating conditions, best-in-class operating conditions, and deviations used to trigger actions.

To achieve this, Nukon integrated Seeq with the client’s existing messaging platform to receive the analytics events, which are then converted into actionable items via Nukon’s Framework workflow system that leverages MQTT brokers to manage real-time data ingestion for publication and subscription by other systems.

To improve the crusher report performance, it was redesigned entirely in Seeq with a more user-friendly interface and the added capability of generating automatic periodic reports.


With the success of the crusher report pilot on one site, Nukon has been requested to develop the solution to be deployed across multiple sites.

The crusher report was further improved by involving subject matter experts in the crushing optimisation techniques to deliver more value to our customer.

Outcome and Future Direction

Nukon’s integrated solution provides a streamlined system to perform detailed and optimised analytics, and enhanced crusher reporting, converted into actionable items with a comprehensive end-to-end solution utilising Seeq-Message-Nukon Framework integration.

Following the success of the pilot, the client intends to implement additional analytics and advanced business logic with the goal of achieving optimised and autonomous plant operations. This will expand on the publish/subscribe patterns and Unified Namespace (UNS) principles that underpin Industry 4.0. Read our Unified Namespace blog to learn more.

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