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TilliT Planner is a software module of the TilliT Software Suite that supports your supply chain management. It is an end-to-end supply chain planning solution for busy supply chain managers with complex problems to solve.


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Your supply chain problems solved.

Simple, easy and powerful application that answers the complex
demand and supply questions such as:

✔️How much should I produce?
✔️How much should I purchase?
✔️How much will I sell (forecast)?




Increase service level while decreasing inventory

Do you spend too much time within multiple systems & spreadsheets managing your production plan? The TilliT application is used across all industries to address our clients' unique  production planning challenges. If you work within the supply chain and are looking to optimise your operations, our TilliT Planner software can improve your processes and double your output by giving giving visibility over your inventory health, suggestions of production and purchase quantities and resource capacity checks.





Familiar, simple & easy to use

As TilliT Planning is used as an Excel add-in, the interface is familiar, simple, and easy to use. The sheet is generated completely on the fly using data from the server. These sheets, what data is shown, what the formulas are, are all configured into the system and adapted to your business. 


TilliT Planner -Setting up the input data




Input the data effortlessly

All master data is maintained from an easy to use web portal, or a mass maintenance tool via the excel add-in. With the workflow capability, you can orchestrate master data management processes, data input and planning steps with prescriptive tasks, due dates and team management.

Watch the video to find out more.





Easily plan end-to-end

Follow the easy steps to undertake the demand & supply planning which will allow you to create the production plan which can then be validated against the resource capacity. Calculate the material requirement planning (MRP) as well as any stock at risk. Find out how many days of coverage you have and how much and when you should order new supply to keep a healthy inventory. Don’t run out of stock anymore.

Watch the video to find out how this can be seamlessly calculated using the excel-add-in. 


TilliT Planner -Planning with the excel add-in


Transform your operations

TilliT Planner can be customised for your unique challenge to improve your
processes and double your output.



TilliT Planner benefits


Fully featured workflow engine (BPMN)

Starting from a basic model and a workflow template, you'll be able to add your own data in a structure that suits you, and create or enhance workflows to suit your process. 

Built to be customised

With TilliT Planner you start with a simple end-to-end planning configuration. If you don’t feel your current tools are really immature, than our pre-built setup will probably be sufficient. If you find your supply chain is more complex and specific requirements must be model to the tool we can do that too.

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Solves any supply chain challenge

Whatever your unique challenge, there is a TilliT solution for you. TilliT Planner has been implemented and utilised across some of Australia's biggest companies with extremely complex environments. Start small and grow as your processes gets more mature.

The team were handed a challenge task and authority over defining the planning and scheduling system requirements. They rose to the occasion, drawing on their knowledge and experience, to deliver a great working solution with all the functionality I had committed to the board. I am very grateful.

Chief Digital Officer

Major Australian Supermarket chain

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