Nukon ensures new technologies are fully utilised, and that business operations are sustainable.

You can only improve what you can measure.

Organising data for high performance

Whether you’re looking to integrate systems, review your enterprise architecture or improve operational systems, Nukon can help.  


Nukon’s data consulting can help you to improve the accuracy of your data, by connecting real-time usage across systems, automating the collection of data and creating a single source of truth for the organisation.

Unlock the potential of data in your organisation


Nukon can get a clear understanding of your current situation, and uncover any causes of any under performance.

We then develop a customised solution to gain greater visibility over your data, aligning the outcomes to your business goals. 

Whether you're looking for supply chain optimisation, performance, visualisation, digitised workflows or simply structuring and uniting information for analysis that you need, we can help. 


Here are some of the clients we've helped:

  • Murray Goulburn

Control the quality, consistency and cost of your production with Manufacturing Intelligence.

Control the quality, consistency and cost of your production with Manufacturing Intelligence.

Unite real-time manufacturing data from disparate sources into one single point of truth.

Nukon extracts value from the manufacturing data you collect. We automate the collation of large datasets from many sources into one single hub. This enables you to perform detailed analysis.

Better analysis means more strategic shop-floor decision-making that improves your processes and drives out waste in areas such as short interval control, shift handover and daily operational review.

Your information hub is your go-to tool for daily review, helping you assess status, risks and problems. Whether you’re wanting to know when your product will be finished, prepare for a clean or take delivery of raw material, your intelligence system will deliver.

This single source of truth enables you to:

  • Continuously improve the quality of your product, processes and operations and decrease your changeover waste

  • Improve efficiency of preventative and planned maintenance

  • Facilitate constructive stand-up meetings by identifying immediate improvements and reallocating resources to meet your schedule

  • Maintain traceability and compliance, centralising and automating data required for auditing

  • Decrease costs by analysing your information in real time, enabling corrective actions before things go wrong, and reducing waste.

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Resolve operational hitches quickly with Nukon's
24/7 support.

Resolve operational hitches quickly with Nukon's 24/7 support.

24/7 rapid response breakdown and helpdesk support options mean were always up so you're system's never down.

We know how important it is to maintain business continuity. You need to hit your production targets. protect your data and control your quality. There is no time for breakdowns.

Still. they'll happen, no matter what system you're using.

Nukon's 24/7 support and breakdown service ensures that technical issues affecting your operation can be resolved quickly.  This minimises downtime and loss of data.

What's more, our highly experienced technicians will often deliver some training or knowledge that helps prevent further issues. Your detailed service report with recommended actions is a value-add of our support that ensures you can prevent most issues from happening again. 

Companies come to us for fast-response high-quality technical support.

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