Available for one-off, mid-term or long-term engagements, Nukon delivers remote support to find the answers to your questions

On and off-site expertise to see your operation through, and beyond

Nukon operate a true 24-7 customer service help desk: 
Guaranteed 15-minute response time
Diagnosis and troubleshooting from level 1 to level 5
Calls prioritised based on urgency and impact
Incident management with internal and external stakeholders
Facilitating solutions and urgent response 24 hours, 7 days a week. 
Nukon Support Desk will monitor the incident throughout its lifecycle, prioritising based on urgency and ensuring agreed service level targets are met. 
 Support Incident Priority

We also employ global best-practice standards in resolving technical issues, including:

Event management

Remotely monitoring services to proactively detect problems before they happen

Incident management

Minimising impacts on business operations and restoring normal service operations quickly 

Problem management

Resolving known errors and getting to the root cause of chronic issues to ensure they don't happen again

Scheduled updates and maintenance

Implementing changes or enhancements to the existing solution

Change control

Maximising the number of successful IT changes with comprehensive risk assessments and managed change schedules

Request fulfillment

Supporting the agreed quality of service for user-initiated small change requests and enhancements.


Reduce incident resolution times in your operation with Nukon. 

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At Nukon, we do more to improve your business. 

We ensure your operations are sustainable for the long run. Your improvement projects have the best chance of success, fully supported by Nukon during your journey of change. 

Nukon Support Desk service is modelled on ITIL Version 3 to provide fast and effective responses to requests for technical excellence from certified technicians. 

ITIL Certified Technicians

Benefits of engaging Nukon Support Desk:

Maximise the utilisation and value of the implemented solution

Minimise the impact of incidents on operations

Restore services faster, with assigned priority levels for incidents

Ensure documentation, training and configuration records are maintained and shared

Perform regularly planned activities

Quickly respond to ad-hoc requests for minor changes

Review the support desk performance annually.

Resolve operational hitches quickly with Nukon's
24/7 support.

Resolve operational hitches quickly with Nukon's 24/7 support.

24/7 rapid response breakdown and helpdesk support options mean were always up so you're system's never down.

We know how important it is to maintain business continuity. You need to hit your production targets. protect your data and control your quality. There is no time for breakdowns.

Still. they'll happen, no matter what system you're using.

Nukon's 24/7 support and breakdown service ensures that technical issues affecting your operation can be resolved quickly.  This minimises downtime and loss of data.

What's more, our highly experienced technicians will often deliver some training or knowledge that helps prevent further issues. Your detailed service report with recommended actions is a value-add of our support that ensures you can prevent most issues from happening again. 

Companies come to us for fast-response high-quality technical support.

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