Meet our expert team

The Nukon team consists of highly technical experts who are here to help with your project 24/7.
Together they have combined experience of more than 80 years.

Alec Konynenburg_Nukon

Alec Konynenburg

Executive General Manager - Nukon

Alec leads the talented Nukon team who take a data-driven approach to operational technology transformation. Alec and his team enable their clients by providing a complete whole-of-business view, from operations right through to IT, the shop floor, engineering and beyond.

Kevin Potgeiter_Nukon

Kevin Potgeiter

Technical Lead

Kevin is the technical lead for Nukon’s software engineering team, where he balances his time building critical software solutions for clients, as well as shaping Nukon’s overall technical strategy for delivering those solutions. Kevin draws on more than 18 years of experience in the field, across various industries and disciplines, which frame his unique approach to problem solving.


Ilya Ferrari

Technical Team Lead

Ilya is a highly qualified Software Engineer with over 16 years of experience across multiple sectors. He has worked with a wide variety of technologies and frameworks with which he has implemented manufacturing execution systems (MES), business applications, commercial websites, web services (including REST APIs), databases, reporting systems, process historians and a variety of software tools and utilities.

Andrew May_Nukon

Andrew May

Principal Consultant

Andrew has more than 14 years’ experience in systems engineering, project management, consulting, MI/MES design, control system design and commissioning within the utilities, process, mining, oil and gas, automotive, defence, food and beverage, critical infrastructure and manufacturing sectors. Andrew specialises in business optimisation, helping businesses understand and implement their strategic vision using technology, delivering innovative projects for customers.

Damian Jolly_Nukon

Damian Jolly

Principal Consultant

With more than 21 years of experience in the Operation Technology space in key domain areas, Damian brings strategic and operational insights to help understand and solve some of your most complex business system challenges.

Gareth Williams_Nukon

Gareth Williams

Principal Consultant

Gareth leads the Food and Beverage consulting team, delivering solutions in quality management, traceability, manufacturing execution systems (MES), operational efficiency and supply chain planning solutions. He is passionate about connecting the worlds of IT and OT and delivering great outcomes for customers.

Ben Caldwell_Nukon

Ben Caldwell

Principal Consultant

Ben is a passionate machine learning practitioner with more than 16 years of experience delivering automation and process control solutions to clients in the water and mining sectors. He is an advocate for cloud technologies and is an AWS certified solutions architect and machine learning specialist. Ben combines practical industry experience, strong continuing professional development, and a focus on understanding clients problems to deliver innovative solutions that provide real value. Outside of work Ben is a keen sailor and can be found racing boats on the Swan River most weekends.

Richard Cuthbert_ Nukon

Richard Cuthbert


Richard recently joined the Nukon team and brings more than 25 years’ Operational Technology experience from the manufacturing sector. Richard's creative nature results in solution designs that help customers to drive growth, reduce complexity and provide operational excellence.

Kim Fiddaman_Nukon

Kim Fiddaman

Senior Consultant

Kim uses the latest technology to help businesses and people become better at what they do. He designs, develops, deploys, integrates and connects software systems and ensures businesses can use this to their advantage. Kim is interested in everything Industry 4.0 related, including IIoT, predictive analytics and cloud services, as well as data collection and analysis, web technologies and system on a chip devices.

Levi Martins_Nukon

Levi Martins

Senior Consultant

Levi leads the support team and has been working in the ICT industry since 2007. Levi's extensive experience across different work environments includes consulting, implementation project management, and working closely with software partners and software manufacturers.

Matt Pyke_Nukon

Matt Pyke

Senior Consultant

Matt is a detail-oriented leader, project manager, and consultant with experience on both the operational and technical sides of automotive and food and beverage supply chains. Matt is skilled in efficiently identifying and translating business requirements into detailed and deliverable project schedules and budgets, with the ability to effectively tailor his approach from shop floor to executive teams.

Emerson Cabisidan_Nukon

Emerson Cabisidan


Emerson has more than 25 years of substantial experience in Project Management, Digital Transformation, Manufacturing Execution System (MES), SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) processes, E2E business processes, CAPEX / OPEX Management, Business and Compliance assessment, Quality Management Systems, and Engineering Management; particularly in the areas of Instrumentation and Process Control, Automation, and Maintenance & Improvement.

Sarah Wang

Sarah Wang


Sarah has experience across the Supply Chain in a range of industries, including food and beverage, E-commerce, and pharmaceutical. She conducts business analysis and assists clients in utilizing industry standard tools and supply chain best practices and is a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) and member of the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) / American Society for Inventory Control (APICS).

Brian Dalwood_Nukon

Brian Dalwood

Senior Analyst

Brian has close to 40 years in the industrial workforce, starting as an electrical apprentice through to a control systems support engineer in the mining industry (20 years). With experience working in many industry sectors and with PLC, SCADA, MES, SQL DBMS', historians and now data analytics, Brian brings a wealth of experience to the table as part of the senior technical team.

Tushar Bhandari_Nukon

Tushar Bhandari

Senior Analyst

Tushar has 8+ years’ of experience in MES domain. He has worked on Rockwell FTPC, Java frameworks, Vaadin framework and Thingworx. At Nukon Tushar is focussed on the MES domain.


Rishi Oomen

Senior Analyst

Rishi is a software engineer with over 12 years of experience in various domains like Banking, CRM, EHS etc. mostly working on enterprise B2B cloud applications. He has also worked on some social gaming development as well.

Danny Smith_Nukon

Danny Smith

Business Development Manager

A professional Business Development Manager, Danny has proven experience in leading and developing strategic positioning of the business for growth and maintaining key client relationships. Danny works across a range of market sectors including: Smart Cities, Rail, Utilities, Renewables, Infrastructure and Manufacturing.