Nukon’s infrastructure solutions are designed to give you complete operational visibility,
using data to drive efficiencies.

From hospitals to airports, fast decision-making is essential to ensure operations run smoothly.
Nukon’s infrastructure solutions provide the situational awareness to achieve this.


The importance of situational awareness in infrastructure

The complexities of operating large infrastructure projects places a premium on being able to make and act on decisions instantly. Being able to do that can help you:

  • Reduce risk
  • Improve safety
  • Improve your customers’ experience

 Using data for real-time visualisation of everything that is happening at the same time is known as having ‘situational awareness’. In essence, it gives you a map of your entire operation - and the visibility you need to make timely, accurate decisions.


How Nukon's infrastructure solutions can improve your business performance

Nukon can provide situational awareness to help your operation function as efficiently as possible. If problems occur, they can be addressed before they potentially impact other areas.

We can do this by using real-time data and stream analysis to:

  • Identify and rectify problems as they arise
  • Anticipate and prevent problems
  • Prevent bottlenecks
  • Direct manpower more efficiently
  • Ensure systems are complementing rather than competing with each other.

We can also take your business on a journey of optimisation - a step-by-step path towards situational awareness.

Looking to apply our learnings from other projects, Nukon marries them to our in-house research and development to ensure you get the right tools for your specific needs.

Cyber security in infrastructure

Utilising the digital technologies that transform the infrastructure sector comes with the need to protect information and assets.

Nukon are trusted consultants for infrastructure – providing secure, safe, reliable advice and services that support cyber worthiness. Our team are able to ask the right questions, ensuring security of information and physical assets.

We can help you build for growth while embedding cyber security into every detail – regardless of your current digital maturity.


Our experience in the infrastructure industry includes providing solutions for:


Airports | Hospitals


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