Better understand your operations by combining time series and event data to position your business for faster, more informed decision-making

Turn critical data into operational insights and opportunities for improvement

Data might be the new oil, but without the ability to turn it into insight and opportunity, your business won't see significant ROI. 

Even if your business is already collecting data, the real value comes from uncovering the actionable insights and solving complex challenges to make measurable and sustainable improvements.

That's where an enterprise historian solution and process analytics comes in. 

These solutions provide you with: 
A single source of truth — access real-time system and event data in one place
Improved responsiveness — quickly detect abnormal operating conditions and reduce risk 
Increased monitoring and alerts — for operational support and improved compliance
Asset behaviour insight — identify opportunities for improvement and reduce breakdowns
Root cause analysis — pinpoint issues and problem solve faster.

If you want to get the bigger picture from your data, Nukon can help to guide you. 

Improve my business

Make data-driven decisions based on operational intelligence


 Capture, store and leverage data for improved insight into network and asset behaviour, reliability, as well as compliance and risk-reduction initiatives. 

Nukon work alongside you to achieve the greatest value from the collected data, so you're armed with the knowledge to begin implementing business improvements.

We have delivered multiple solutions for real-time data collection, aggregation, storage and analytics that enable our clients to gain improved insight while reducing risks and ensuring compliance. 


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