Nukon's FMCG solutions can help you successfully adapt
to the challenges of digital transformation.

Margins in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry are tight. Nukon's solutions are
Industry 4.0 tools to lower operation costs and increase efficiency. 


Why innovation is crucial in the FMCG industry

The stark reality of operating in the FMCG space is that your company risks losing your shelf space if you don't innovate. To remain viable in the face of ever-increasing international competition, Australian FMCG manufacturers need top-quality, high-variety products at a good price. But expanding your offerings, or changing a line to a different product, can dramatically affect your operating costs and efficiencies. Nukon’s FMCG solutions provide the strategies and tools you need to meet both those challenges, monitoring and minimising waste to enable innovation while remaining competitive. 


How Nukon's FMCG solutions could benefit
your business

Nukon can help you access and leverage the power of Industry 4.0. This means using the Internet of Things and cloud technology to develop self-managing operating processes, removing the need for human involvement.

This can include: 

  • Automating and digitising manual processes

  • Optimising other processes, such as packaging

  • Implementing manufacturing information systems to accurately map and track orders, and improve quality control

  • Increasing equipment utilisation (often eliminating the need to install expensive new equipment or production lines)

  • Integrating systems (e.g., manufacturing and production line) through data and insights

  • Utilising newer technologies, including virtual reality, wearables, mobiles and machine learning

  • Using robots or algorithms to help you develop processes, automate and adapt to manage those processes.

We also recognise that change management is an integral component of innovation.

At Nukon, we do more to improve your business

We can help your company see why your existing processes or systems may not be working, understand the magnitude of change required and get the stakeholder buy-in to make the change.

We can even help you:

  • Tender the solution to different vendors
  • Select the best vendor and solution for your needs
  • Develop, test and roll out the solution
  • Meet all capabilities required of the project to completion.

Following cyber security best practices for FMCG

Every business needs a modern security strategy and supporting cyber resilience in your operation is everyone’s responsibility.

With extensive experience in the FMCG industry, Nukon can help you to make informed decisions regarding your choice of technology and integrating it into your business.
We’re committed to following best practices in cyber security to align your business and security strategy, protecting your assets and data, ensuring no disruption to operation.

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